The Matrix

At first one might contemplate this as a movie about man against environmentseen by the technological setting. However, the theme of man and reality is more emphasized if seen in a much deeper context relating it to philosophical thoughts. Specifically, how robots in the dreamland is similar to the prisoners in the cave and how humanity is believed to be living in the darkness and sleeping before knowing the truth, like Neo opening his eyes to the matrix. Also, it is about knowing thyself, and knowing if one is ready to take the blue pill and uncover the outside world.


As said by Morpheus, “You are a slave Neo… born into a prison that you cannot taste, smell nor touch, a prison for your mind.”Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is described as a world with prisoners who can only see shadows on the walls of the cave’s interior. These prisoners only hear echoes and see vague figures cast by shadows from the puppeteers. This vision is what they believed as reality. In relation with the movie, it presented another version of the cave. It presented a matrix where people are like prisoners living in a computer generated dream, built in order to change a human being into a source of power (battery). The shadows of the cave are like images being fed to them in the dreamlike state of virtual reality. Both Plato and the Matrix contend that the world as people see it is indeed an illusion.Thus, The line “You’ve never used them [Neo’s eyes] before” is like the prisoner who came out of the cave and was blinded by the light, the source of truth that the prisoners were unaware of.


In The Matrix, they only try to awaken those who have potential to be awakened. Both Socrates and Neo knew that there was something in the world they needed to search for. For Socrates used meditation in order to recognize the falsehoods of reality. The line “There’s something wrong with the world, you don’t know what it is but it is there, like a splinter in your mind”is similar to Socrates words that “The only thing that we know for certain is that nothing is certain.” Also, the importance of being fully self-aware in trying to uncover the truth was seenwhen Neo came to the Oracle. He read a latin sign which meant “Know Thyself.” This is also similar to Socrates’ belief that “The unexamined life is not worth living.”


Generally, these philosophers and the matrix know that there is more to life than what the senses can recognize. The society is sleeping shut by laws and rules demanded as accepted truth. Once Neo saw the matrix after being shot by the bullet, he saw the truth and saw how the world worked. This is the light that Plato tried to explain and the certainty that Socrates tried to discover. It isthe truth that philosophers seek, it is the matrix.


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