Honestly, I completely have no experience and background with the study of Psychology. From the term itself, I know it’s the study of the human “psyche” which means the human, mind, soul and spirit. I really expect to discover a lot about others and the way they think, but most importantly I would like to discover myself along the way. I believe that I really do reflect about life often and I expect Psychology will help me understand the flow of my thoughts for better personal development.

I expect to learn a lot about why people particularly students and teenagers these days think and act differently. I would expect to know different factors and implications of the personality types of people. I also expect to know the reason as to why Psychology is indeed essential to a person, if knowing and understanding one’s self fully will affect success and decision making.

I believe the point of taking this subject is to allow the students to open their minds to the study of behavior for a better understanding of oneself  and one’s relationship with others.

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