On the issue of the missing Malaysian flight

On the issue of the missing Malaysian flight, I wanted to note how utterly ridiculous it is that we, namely humanity, have progressed so far and grown so much but have perplexingly lost track of one of our large aircrafts containing more than 200 people. I understand that the world is a large place and that we cannot possibly be expected to track every aircraft in the air all at once, but I feel that we should have more contingencies at the ready whenever a plane flies off the grid. A plane or a cruise ship which transports a large number of people should always be paramount in our priorities list because these large passenger vehicles carry hundreds of lives and to lose track of them and have next to no clue what occurred is a disservice to the people who entrust their safety to the airline companies.

This is in no way condemning the airline because they followed stringent aircraft control protocols, the issue lies more in the protocols themselves, they seem to be lacking in terms of  keeping track of our planes. I’m by no means an expert on the issue but maybe some sort of tracking capability which cannot be toggled off onboard the plane is in order. Regardless, this recent pressing issue has proven that we still have a ways to go before air travel can be considered perfect.


One thought on “On the issue of the missing Malaysian flight

  1. This is really such depressing news that escalated and created tension internationally! I do find hope that the victims will be found and the affected families will soon find peace in light of the recent issue. Continue praying!

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