My HS Batch 2012

We had the 2 projects that have unified and brought out the best side of our batch, the Honor System and the Alternative Ball. Throughout all of these, a difficult task I encountered was coming up with the batch motto. It was very challenging to think of a motto worth remembering that will speak of who we are and capture our great experiences and memories. I can vividly remember the time when Mrs. Eala asked us to think of adjectives for the batch and the committee spontaneously shouted adjectives like inspiring, genuine, caring, loving, friendly, kind hearted, and radical. After a few sessions, with the grace of the Lord “Dare to be Radical” resonated in our hearts and identified who we are.

The Honor System and the Alternative Ball were the 2 major factors that contributed to the formation of our batch motto. In the Honor System we were challenged to take our exams without the supervision of a teacher. It was a test of integrity and honesty that was definitely difficult at first but eventually became second nature. I would like to congratulate every single one of you for standing by your values. Batch 2012, we upheld the honor system! I would like to pose a challenge to you- continue to live the honor system wherever you may find yourselves.

Last March 24, 2012 was also a radiating and empowering experience for the batch. For the parents who wondered why you did not buy your daughter ball gowns this year or why a boy did not come to your house with a corsage for your daughter, it was because our batch chosen the fruitful and less traveled path. We chose to have an Alternative Ball instead of the usual Graduation ball in order to provide the children from the Saint Marie Eugenie Learning Center from Kagabay a fun and meaningful experience. That day was tiring from walking to our assigned activity centers, cooking spaghetti, taking care of the children who ran everywhere and never got tired. It was then that I realized that the most expensive gown in this world is worthless compared to the glowing smiles of the children, the joy in their nanays faces and the sparkle in my batch mate’s eyes. People wondered why we chose an Alternative Ball since they say we can organize events like these anytime we want but believe me when I say giving up a traditional ball makes it one million times more meaningful. Doing something worthwhile for others with the people you love the most is priceless.


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