My Comm 3 Experience

It was very nerve-wracking for me once I discovered we would have to present with a partner in class. I was crossing my fingers when ma’am was choosing the partner I would have to work with for the next few days. Thankfully, I was matched with a mutual friend of mine, Kyle Suarez. It was very easy for me to communicate with him because we both actually have common friends also because we both share the same sense of humor.

The first presentation we had to do was the “show and tell” of our bags. At first, I felt very conscious because of everyone watching our conversation. However, the 2 minutes just flew by pretty quickly when we started conversing. I was also thankful that ma’m gave a topic to talk about because I really am bad in starting conversations!

Afterwards, we sat down and just started talking about a few suggestions and ideas regarding the presentation we’d have to present in class. Thank God he can’t play any instrument because I can never sing for my life!! So we decided to just act out a scene! We couldn’t figure out a certain  dilemma we would reenact though. He also suggested that he acts out as a girl and I act out as a boy because we just wanted to make the class laugh. Time was ticking though, so we just decided to meet up next time. There was one thing we had in mind though: WE WANTED TO MAKE OUR PRESENTATION EPIC!


2 thoughts on “My Comm 3 Experience

  1. I had somewhat a similar experience with you, for Comm 3 as well! In my class, we were required to go on a date!! Fortunately, because of the unbalanced boy-girl ratio, I was given a female date! From the activity I dreaded, I gained a new friend! What a great experience!

  2. This brings back Comm 3 memories 🙂 we were asked to do a presentation with a partner too, and since we’re both not musically inclined persons, what we did was we acted as nerdy scientists (we wore lab gowns, nerdy glasses, and we even put fake braces on our teeth) while doing fail experiments =))

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