Missing Malaysian Plane: Possible Hijacking

On March 8, 2014, the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet disappeared with 227 passengers and 12 crew on board. Aside from finding the missing plane, speculations on the possible reasons why and how such a big plane can just vanish out of the thin air circle the minds of most people. (Robson, 2014)

Since almost half of the passengers are Chinese, the community could not help but think the possibility of the plane’s hijack. This reason could be linked with the recent attacks in China against the movement of its president Xi Jinping to eradicate corruption in the country, leading to the arrests of many powerful and influential persons of China, thus, the reason for terrorism against the government.

An example of such attack was the incident of the March 1, 2014 Kunming station massacre where 29 civilians were stabbed to death leaving 143 others injured. The timing of the massacre was coincidence with the arrest of Zhou Yongkang, former head of China’s national oil company, domestic security agency and retied member of China’s Politburo Standing Committee. With Zhou’s power and the massacre’s gravity, people cannot help wonder if there is such connection between the two. (Ng, 2014)

As China was in the hype of recovering from the sad blow of the massacre while continuing its anti-corruption campaign, a plane with more than a hundred Chinese national passengers disappears. Aside from the social stigma caused, will China be able to meet its expected expansion of 7.5% in economic growth this year? (Oster, 2014)


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3 thoughts on “Missing Malaysian Plane: Possible Hijacking

  1. This such tragic news that reallyr eached internationally. Continuous prayers are indeed needed and hopefully all of those victims will be found and families affected will soon cope with whatever outcome.

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