I‘d like to take this time and write about the recent crisis that’s all over the media. It’s about the missing Malaysian aircraft. The plane went missing on March 8. Aboard are more than 200 passengers from China, Malaysia, France, US and other countries with 12 crew members. Currently, search operations are taking place with many countries as allies. Unfortunately, the plane is still missing and theories are the only things being uncovered.

So many theories are making the news. A plane crash, and the latest, hijacking are few of them. For consecutive days, updates and these theories are being reported and rejected. It’s becoming frustrating, especially for the passengers’ relatives. I couldn’t imagine what they must be feeling right now.

I decided to write about this because I came across an article in Yahoo! entitled: “MH370: Chinese relatives refuse to abandon hope” The article cited people saying “I am sick of hearing there is new information only for it to be dismissed later,” and ‘”You are cheating us,” one man said. “You are cheating us relatives. You have been torturing us. You are torturing our will.”’. Reading through this, I can’t help but feel sorry for them and admire them. They refuse to abandon hope even though they are in this horrible situation. Of course, this is a tough time, but, we can never know what could happen. I pray that these people don’t give up hope and that they find their loved ones.


2 thoughts on “MH370

  1. This is really such depressing news 😦 I hope everyone continues to pray for the victims and those affected. This also brought much controversy internationally whether it be a planned or accidental tragedy. However, I do hope steps are being taken to fully comprehend the event.

  2. This is really sad. but i really do commend on how you optimistic you are with hoping, hope is not easily done because it more often than not can shatter you to pieces when what you hoped for wouldn’t happen. What I can say is that let’s continue to have Fate! Let’s continue trusting in the Lord that all these pain of waiting will end.

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