Habit: Your Best Friend and Your Worst Enemy

My worst habit would have to be going to all the events or parties that I am invited in. This may actually seem like a good thing, but it is definitely not when priorities and academic or organization work comes into the picture. I believe this is my worst habit, because I lose my priorities and try to avoid doing the work I’m tasked to do. I’m one of those girls in the family branded as the “lakwatsera” or the “labas ng labas.” Sometimes I just take it for granted but it is actually a great and influential factor in my grades. I usually can’t say no to these parties or outings simply because I don’t want to miss out on the fun. However, at the end of the day I end up cramming and procrastinating all the work I have to do.


I believe this is my worst habit because I just can’t seem to focus on academics anymore. Also, in High school I was definitely the type to finish the work as soon as possible and spare time during the weekends to rewrite notes and make reviewers. In college, I felt like I was too busy trying to find a circle of friends that I can be part of that I ended up going to all the outings and hang outs. Right now, Im just questioning myself if my old hard working attitude is still actually in me. It disappoints me because I keep saying to myself that I would change and really focus on what is essential but I just keep escaping and delaying all these promises with temporary sources of happiness like parties, dinners and events.  It came to the point where my parents were really disappointed in me because they noticed the frequency of my hang outs and how my priorities have shifted from academics to friends or social life. Also, they would ask me how my academics were and I have nothing to say because I always have no time to study anymore after all the events I go to.


Since High School was very difficult for me already, to the extent that I would spend 3-4 hours of sleep a day because of studying and doing council work, it might have dawned upon me that college would be my time to “rest” from extra curiculars and the hectic demand of academic workload. I think I was drained from studying hard and working that I wanted to rest and just enjoy for the mean time. Summer of 2012 was the time after graduation wherein it was  pretty much the start of my “lakwatsera” phase. I think I just got overwhelmed by the fact that I had absolutely nothing to do and I just enjoyed going out with friends. College came and I just discovered how different it was from high school especially when it comes to requirement submissions and deadlines. I realized that I can actually survive a week even without studying because all the exams or submissions would just be in a particular part of the semester. I was also overwhelmed by the number of events each organization that I applied for had and how new college friends are very funny and approachable. Having rides and curfews were flexible as well because everyone seemed to have their own car and my parents would also give me more freedom because of college. Thus, feeling independent for the first probably reinforced this habit because I would have to make decisions on my own regarding where I go and what I do. I had more freedom and I wasn’t under the strict High School supervision anymore.


Though having to try to limit the number of events I go to maybe difficult at first, I believe it is something that is important for me to consider to focus on my academics even further. It’s also hard because my parents wont anymore give me punishments or rewards because Im already to old for that. Thus, self discipline and self control is something I should work on individually. Everything really boils down from a choice and it is all dependent on me. In Psychology, I learned operant conditioning in which pleasant and unpleasant consequences are utilized to learn voluntary behavior. In this condition, I would apply reinforcement so there would be an increase in probability in my behavior to study. Particularly, I would use a secondary reinforcement where grades and career opportunities would be great reinforcers for me to feel the need to study instead of go out.  I can also use punishment to allow me to decrease the number of times I go out. Even if my parents don’t really reprimand me as much, I can always use punishment by application for myself. I can promise myself that if I fail an exam I’ll ground myself for the next few weekends just to help me get back to studying.


Having to go out especially in the freedom of college is very tempting. However, everything should always come in moderation and balance. This habit really affected me the past 2 years because I know I can perform so much better in college if given the opportunity to focus on my academics. It is something I don’t want to regret when I graduate because my parents really put so much effort in trying to put me in a good education. The discipline is very important to break this habit. I shouldn’t wait for my grades to get low but I should always be mindful of my duty as a student through reminding myself of the good grades and good career opportunities I will get in return.


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