Farewell CWTS

After one entire school year of whole afternoons spent in the spacious Economics Auditorium, our CWTS program finally came to a close in a jam-packed classroom. From last year’s distinguished speakers who’ve conveyed messages on nationalism, equality, and being proactive in whatever manner, the program culminated with each of us presenting how we’ve lived out such qualities. There were groups who, for the past semester, have helped the environment (from raising awareness via infographs to planting their own little, sky garden), have raised awareness on sex education and gender equality (from teaching at communities to giving our own class an education demonstration), have assisted economic NGOs (from simple research and analysis of treaties to visiting the very communities involved), and have given a voice to the voiceless (from information dissemination of nameless heroes to organizing events that celebrate such people and that nationalistic culture). Each of us, in our own unique way, was able to put into practice the things we’ve learned from people who were in similar situations.

The entire school year of CWTS has been tough and at times too demanding. Nevertheless, the things we’ve learned and experienced are invaluable. The only thing left for us now, as we exit our CWTS class one last time, is to continue living out such qualities – to continue living out that Tatak UP.


One thought on “Farewell CWTS

  1. CWTS really helped us get out of our comfort zone and be exposed into the realities of life. Indeed, it was a worthwhile and informative experience.

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