Am I on the Right Track?

Sometimes I ask myself if I’m actually in the right place right now. Im scared because each year just brings me closer and closer to being an adult. Its scary to see the future because you realize that each choice symbolizes each step to the future. I can make it or break it with the choices I make everyday in my teenage life.

Am I in the right course?

Do I have the right friends?

Am I joining the right organizations?

So many questions that you can ask with all the opportunities that lie ahead. But you really should just trust the plan of God. Though you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul, there is always a bigger picture out there destined for each of us. With trust and hardwork, hopefully I get there.


4 thoughts on “Am I on the Right Track?

  1. I think at one point in our lives we would eventually question our choices, but maybe it’s living with our choices that makes us content. I, too, ask myself these questions every once in a while. I’d like to think that things will eventually fall into their rightful places.

  2. I also ask myself the same question every now and then, especially when my Econ subjects are giving me a load of stress and I question if I’m taking up the right course. But, I guess all of us think about this from time to time, I think we just need to have faith that, in the end, everything will turn out OK πŸ™‚

  3. You’re on the right track baby, you were born that way. hahahaha Ok, I just had to say that, but kidding aside, Life is full of choices, and every choice you make has a consequence. You must be ready to face those consequences, and for sure with His help you (and eryone else for that matter) will be able to face the consequences of your choices πŸ™‚

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