Different Perspectives

In my previous blog about our group’s trip to the TFDP, I mentioned that we were made to watch a video regarding the events that unfolded under the Marcos regime. This particular video was made in a pro-Marcos perspective. 

Most history books would pin Marcos down as a corrupt dictator who used Martial Law to gain power and extend his term. He has also been blamed for the assasination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and I along with many others believe that indeed he is to blame for all the human rights violations made during those times. However, other people would believe otherwise.

The video that was shown to us used many of the same facts we have studied before in our history classes but combined it with other facts that and posed questions that would somehow make you rethink the things and events involving Marcos and his regime. The video was very manipulative in way. The facts presented were carefully chosen to make Marcos as innocent as possible without having to directly twist the events that occurred before. However, one who studied Philippine history for quite some time would know that there were many facts left out in the video, that there are many more angles to this story.

Watching the video reminded me of the issue of biases in the writing and remembering of history. The same event may be interpreted differently by different people. 

Personally, I am anti- Marcos but seeing the perspective of those who still support him was an eye- opening experience. We can’t tell these people that they are wrong as their beliefs are still grounded on facts. The lesson that I got is that it’s just a matter of respecting  what people want to believe in.

– Alyssa Santos



3 thoughts on “Different Perspectives

  1. The saying, “History is written by the victor” is very appropriate here, especially in how Marcos is now portrayed. Not saying he is justified and/or correct in anything he did, but we are quick to paint him as pure evil and blind ourselves from all other perspectives because of the overwhelming pressure from mass media. The truth may be what we know, but we’ll never know for sure unless we see the other side.

  2. The line “Watching the video reminded me of the issue of biases in the writing and remembering of history. ” in your blog really caught my attention. I believe that history is incomplete and biased especially that all information are written in different perspectives, limited with publication and of course motives of authors should be taken into consideration. Thus, each citizen should really be critical!

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