Coping From Broken Dreams

We all know what dreams are don’t we? Dreams are chains of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur when we wear our sleeping attire and sleep, of course. To many, dreams symbolize a lot of things! Hence there are studies of dream interpretation, dream disorders and a lot of other trivial things. There are also a lot of trivia about dreams like people say, we only remember 10 percent of our dreams. Or we incorporate what’s really happening around us as we sleep in our dreams. However, all these seem to be so trivial, only a bit relevant to our lives. We cannot even touch and understand these abstract dreams! Personally, I think it’s better and more productive to think of the dreams we understand better. These dreams are our cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideals that give us a reason to wake up.  For some these dreams may be goals such as to be a good swimmer, or material things such as the latest iphone, For others it may be in form of another person , like his crush or dream girl, for some it maybe be a bigger aspiration to get in UP LAW school or to graduate with latin honors  and be a successful person. But wait a minute! We already know these too. And as sad as it can get, it’s true that it’s really common to have these dreams crushed. It’s even more practical to talk about how to cope and bounce back from broken dreams, knowing these can technically save someone’s life.

Various sources from the internets, magazines and books tell us of numerous and different ways to bounce back from shattered dreams, but I think they can be summed up into three chronological steps.

The first step is to understand and accept

While it would be acceptable to just want to sleep and mourn over a broken dream, but prolonging that would be unhealthy and sooner or later, you’d have to start to accept.

–           You can start by being honest with yourself and understand why this dream was crushed. You need to ask yourself was it anyone’s fault?

–           For example, I had a friend who was so mad because his girlfriend left him and for him it was all his girlfriend’s fault for leaving her. But soon, he accepted and moved on by understanding where he lacked too.

–           Let go of the should have, would have could have miseries


2nd Forgive

-Once you accepted and understood things, it may be normal for you to be angry at someone or even at yourself so the second step is to forgive.

– Besides being scientifically detrimental to one’s health, holding a grudge, even against yourself is also impractical. It hinders you from doing things you wanna, going to places you want to be. For example, you wanted to go to a party or to take a specific class, but your homewrecker friend is going there too, so you end up not going. It’s like you’re putting a prison for yourself. Besides, you cannot really ever force someone to apologize to you nor to make up for the things he has done, so the only way is to forgive and forget.

In this step, it’s also good to find closure from the past. There is a saying that goes “If you don’t let your past die, then it won’t let you live.” It’s so true that the only way to move on, and to open new beginnings is put a closure on the past.

3rd take action

In this step, it’s assumed that you’ve already calmed down.

The only thing left to do is to try again to dream. You have to use those broken dreams as a lesson for you to use as you pursue new goals. For instance, instead of mourning over a low exam score, realize that next time, you just have to study better.

You can also choose to share your experiences with your friends and family. In essence, you just have to learn to stand up again. You need to wake up from the nightmare of your broken dream

In conclusion, the process of healing from a broken dream is to accept and understand, then to forgive and forget and lastly to take action once more. However, the surprise is that all these are under the assumption, that you’ve already given up on your dream, which is why you think it’s broken. So the take home lesson for us is If you aren’t willing to chase your dreams, then maybe you don’t deserve them in the first place.

(Not really Econ / CWTS Related, more of just a hugot thing lol)
-Carlo Fernandez



2 thoughts on “Coping From Broken Dreams

  1. Dreams are really interesting as it deals with the unconcious mind. Sometimes I wonder why my dreams are weird or why i dreamt about this certain person! Its very interesting to know why but I htink the uncertainty of it even makes it more exciting!

  2. I totally agree with you. We cannot tie ourselves from what was or what could have been. We have to learn to move forward and let these broken dreams go. I believe that we are where we should be in this life of possibilities. 🙂

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