Bantay Kita

For our CWTS, we were assigned to the NGO called Bantay Kita. It was a coalition of organizations which aimed to push for accountancy and transparency in extractive industries such as mining. In a nutshell, our only tasks for them were to submit a gathered research on mining policies in countries like Indonesia, Chile and Peru and to organize a roundtable discussion with organizations from Economics, Public Administration, Pol Sci. and Bantay Kita. Our coordinators Kuya Loi and Ate Tina were lenient with attendance and did not require us to go to their office in West Ave. every week. This was also due to the space we would in fact take up if we go there. This leniency, combined with the fact that it was kind of hard to identify with their advocacy, since it was a bit far from my realm of interests, made our first few months of CWTS drag. In addition, unforeseen communication problems made our problem worse. Despite all these, we were able to do their requirements from us.  Towards the end, they added a request for us to be part of a working committee for one of their conferences, however they were kind and understanding enough to lift this duty from us as they knew it was our finals week during the said conference. It is sad that in the end, I felt guilty and full of regrets because I could’ve done more for Bantay Kita. Honestly, I think I will miss the people there because they have been so kind to us. Also, if given another opportunity to work there, I would surely do a lot better. In the end, I learned also from them that Economics really entails not only cool and brilliant heads but warm hearts as well.

-Carlo Fernandez



One thought on “Bantay Kita

  1. Oh thats very disheartening ot know that youre goals werent met. However, theres always room fo rsecond chances! Even if not required, why not try to intern or volunteer in that organization!

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