A Thought

Here’s a thought
black and blue
of a bent back bent to breaking

to catch you,
a better hue,
a life lived awake, and working

to the rhythm of
a blood red heart
loud and strong in beating.

This is all I’ve seen this past year in CWTS: men and women fighting through the challenges of their goals, all of them striving to change whatever might be wrong in world, from the flooding and other calamities caused by human intervention, to the maltreatment of the common man by those who can, to the silent voices of the unheard nameless. These people sacrifice most of their lives for society’s sake, trying to change it, to make it better, all the while asking for lending hands from their brothers and sisters. And here I am, quietly contemplating how I could possibly get math 54 this summer…

It’s a guilt-inducing thought, knowing that there exists a bigger world out there, that the great confines of my thoughts (not necessarily greatly occupied) is absolutely miniscule compared to the space these heroes have to walk through, that the difficulties of trying finish a class requirement may seem nothing more than a mosquito bite to the man who tries to free people’s minds. It’s a diminishing thought.

More than diminishing, the thought is curious and questioning: who are they? Why do they? Who’s to say? But then, they know, these people who work to better life. They know who they are and why they are and why they do. They know that something is ought to be done. And then they do it for whatever reason as long as it’s right.

Here’s a thought:

To the bone their visions lie
to a thought their hearts abide
for the warmer world awaits its due
and their mind wanders and works to do


One thought on “A Thought

  1. Wow that poem was just really insightful! I believe there is hope in the country and I believe there are still people out there who believe in what is right and are willing to fight for it through proper action and concrete projects. Let us try to be like them!

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