THE Philo 10 Experience

When I was a freshie back then, I am intrigue with how everyone is recommending to take this GE specifically under Prof. Bernardo Caslib. They say it would be fun and you’ll learn a lot so long as you forego the unoable criteria of a GE course because this is definitely not the one you’re looking for if you cannot. This really intrigued me and so I took my chance and lucky enough I got the slot during my sophomore year. So, how was it?

This class has tons of readings. My thickest reading for a GE course so far since the course would require you to read one chapter per meeting. It really is advisable to read before each meeting so as to maximize the use of your readings. (To be honest, I liked the readings so much that I am more updated in this GE course compared to my Majors’ reading requirements. Shhh!) As a tip, one should take note of everything discussed in class for some of the items in the exams are not in the handouts.

Our class would typically start 15 minutes after. Attendance here does not only mean you physically being there, it is you and your nametag being there simultaneously. No nametag, No attendance. Sounds kinda harsh right? Maybe but it actually fosters a disciplinary action to the students. Just imagine, if one can’t abide with simple laws such as this, what more with the bigger laws out there set by our constitution. Of course, I wouldn’t say that the nametag didn’t cause me anything. It caused my little mini heart attacks every time our class starts especially when I’m having a hard time finding it inside my bulky bag. Good thing, I’m last to be called which gives me ample time to find it.

My prof at first was a little intimidating. He is very direct but he justifies his statements (much more if it’s when a stand needs to be taken). The fun part for me in this course started when our prof encouraged us to ask. He encouraged this and so I grabbed the opportunity to feed my curious mind and clear anything I find hazy. I like asking him questions in class which I’m really glad that he entertains sincerely, answers them very well, and is open for discussion. When our class got divided into halves for our field trip (and yes, this Philosophy GE course has a field trip! Yipiee!) I got worried that I won’t be close to all my classmates, all the more our prof weren’t able to attend any of the field trips which would really mean a big cost on our bonding opportunity as a class (complete with our prof). What surprised me is that this did not hinder for our class to be close. Amazing right? How did that happen? I attribute it with the way our class starts. From the first day of classes to the first days of every week, we do a usual ritual chika! You update your classmates anything you think is worthy to share and through that, the class gets to know more of each other. The prof too shares his latest adventures. In fact, this class can provide you the latest movie review you’ll need. Just be prepared that spoilers are at high risk! :)) This usual movie review exchanges makes the class knowledgeable of the contemporary issues as well as apply the lessons taught in class – very academic, right? It’s good to know that great thinkers can turn any thrash into gold by just talking about it eloquently. At least, this is what I learned from our class’s case.  I think the group works also did their job to make sure the class would be bonded. Our group works varies from discussions, to dances, to plays, and we also had a charity event as our culminating activity. You’ll be shocked with how comfortable you guys would be after the sem to the point that even what’s considered taboo can be spoken out in the open. Any (I repeat, ANY) matters are welcome for discussion and everything would still seem academic. This just shows how the course trains students to be critical as well as be open-minded to different views and ideas.

Knowledge wise, I am satisfied with this course. (mind you, I’m not easily satisfied since sometimes when a course is too hard or too easy, I have a tendency to feel that I really didn’t learn a lot or nothing stayed after that sem). This just leads me to point out that when I entered this class, I know nothing of philosophies and now I’m got more than what I expected to gain. I was able to have a grasp (even if it was just an introductory course) of how each ideology basically is and apply it to everyday matters in order to understand life, love, and, self. Truly, the recommendations were right and this class was definitely worth taking! 🙂

Friendly advice: This course is not intended for mediocre students.


2 thoughts on “THE Philo 10 Experience

  1. I remember taking Caslib almost 4 years ago in my freshman year, the thing that strikes me most about his classes were the inevitable camaraderie that the class developed over the semester. Even 4 years later I still remember most of my classmates and we sometimes share a laugh over old stories. The class is for every student who wants to learn and Philo 10 can be fun if you want it to be. (especially since our final project used to be a Philo house party.)

  2. I also took Philo 10 last year! It was very insihtful and really in depth especially in discussions. But in the end, I learned how to think differently. I was thrilled with undertainty and with the power of the mind! Try to take higher Philo subjects maybe you’ll even be more interested!

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