Bantay Kita; Work Insights

When I and my group mates Carlo, Giselle, and Vito, first met at CWTS2 and got assigned to some company, we first thought that it would be so easy like last time. Submit a few blogs, attendance-attendance, pass ng requirements… in short “akala naming petiks lang”. But as we got more tasks from our home company, clearly, that was not the case anymore.

Bantay Kita, the leg of AER that we were assigned to, tasked us to do a report encompassing a few mining laws that are used in countries like Chile, Indonesia, and Peru with a bit of consultation coming from some mining orgs here in U.P. that are more or less involved with respect to the formulation of mining laws in the Philippines.

We’ve come across a few roadblocks along the process, one of which is we’ve had trouble when it came to contacting our home firm, which somehow halted our progress along the way. Failure to coordinate was a setback for us because the second part of our task was vague and we hadn’t realized until recently that it would require a lot of manpower and resources.

We also realized that our methodology was kind of inefficient. We only lately had Mr. Manalansan as our contact as we were gathering information and setting up meetings with him became impossible due to his trip abroad. Our method of disseminating letters to organizations was also crude (hand delivering, RTR).

Overall we’ve got a lot to learn and a lot more to do with our organization for our job doesn’t stop here; we’ve still one more task to accomplish.

Cervantes, John Jay Joshua N.



2 thoughts on “Bantay Kita; Work Insights

  1. Despite all the troubles we had with communicating, and other things, I’m proud that we were still able to accomplish the report and everything we had to do. Good job, groupmate! 😀

  2. Im deeply sad about the way things were planned with your NGO but no doubt you are not alone in experiencing problems of miscommunication and the lack of guidance. However, this can be a learning experience for us all! NGOS are really not perfect, lets take this as an opportunity to learn 🙂

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