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Task Force Detainees of the Philippines

Last Monday (March 3 2014), I was informed that we were going on a fieldtrip for our session that day. I was told that we were to meet at TFDP (I was only told of the acronym), just another odd name of some place I had no idea what it would be. I wasn’t excited, but I wasn’t bored either, it was just a random day/ event when I thought I would meet with our coordinator to talk about our project. As we were looking for the place, I saw their big sign right outside their building saying “Task Force Detainees of the Philippines” and at that moment I realized, “Ah! That’s TFDP”. But still I had no prior intuition, so I had no expectations whatsoever with this fieldtrip. After going through what was in store for us, I was really amazed and astounded by the fact that I learned so much and truly had a relevant experience.

We went to a museum of occurrences and different paraphernalia of the EDSA Revolution. The curator explained the experiences of the people accompanied by paintings, real life copies, and other significant objects at that time (bloodied shirts, the cellar, etc). After that, we were shown a video about Marcos’ regime looking well off, absent of negative figures/ effects of Martial Law. The video looked amazing and well-designed and is very persuasive, so if I had no prior knowledge about Philippine History and Martial Law, I would have thought that Marcos did an amazing job during his term and was one of the greats. Before we watched the video, we were asked a set of questions about Martial Law, then likewise after, the same set of questions, but as we (the group) was answering, we saw some changes in our answers, showing how truly persuasive the video was.

Overall, I was truly affected with this whole experience because I never really understood and put much value into the history, because personally I’m not a fan of history as a whole. But with this experience, truly I felt the importance of what had happened and how it affects our society today: people, relations, beliefs, values, morals etc.

From my previous blog post, I was talking about the generation gap, in relation to that, I now understand accordingly the different values and feels they have had at that time with my numerous experiences with TFDP and The Nameless. We should truly be thankful that my/our generation didn’t have to go through the struggle they had, and make the most of what they have given us to truly make us a better society and grow accordingly.

The visit was inspiring and truly significant, especially looking at the value of life perspective and it really made me think about the my own values that my realizations from everything are truly appropriate and hopefully be with me throughout my life. Life is a gift and we should make the most out of it: be the better person and do what is right, and serve the people.


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