Looking Back

As the semester and the school year end, we find ourselves contemplating the importance of what our schooling and education mean in the long run. Perhaps many a young student has looked at his assigned homework or final exam and thought to himself, “There’s no way I’m going to use this for the real world.” And that is very true, we may likely never hear of another theory or philosophy once we exit the University. But maybe the point of the University is not just one of academic advancement, but also advancement as a mature adult.

When we look back on our UP lives ask yourself, why are you in the University? Are you because you know that this is a bastion of education and knowledge and want to learn? Or are you here to use the name of the school as a talking point for your work résumé? I believe that the core values that UP tries to instill in every young student is one of responsibility, diligence and to foster a sense of nationhood. An important take away from our University education is that we are not necessarily better than the next person, regardless of their or our schooling, and that we must work hard to distinguish ourselves from our peers. As I noted in another post, we must never be arrogant because someone, somewhere is better than you at what you are good at, and once we meet that person, we have to dig deep to better ourselves. I firmly believe that the lessons we learn in the classroom are not half as important at the life lessons we take from them. And lastly, take pride in your University, precious few have the opportunity to study like you and I have and we must always treasure the experience. I realize that many of you are only 2nd year students and have a ways yet to go in the University. But after the next generation has moved on and left the college, another bright young class enters the University and it’s up to you guys to pass on the life lessons. Good luck.


2 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Agreed. More important than the concepts we learn, is the process by which we learn and how we’ve interacted with the people along the way 🙂

  2. Coming into UP was indeed such a learning experience in itself. Having the courage to adap to the changes of the culture and environment not to mention the number of smart people who can just bring your self esteem down every single time. However, I love UP because it pushed me to my limits. It pushed me to work harder and strive to just persevere despite failing and seeing everyone ge high scores. It is the journey of learning and not letting failure define you.

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