An Irony in NSTP

When  i got in to the UP School of Economics, I already had my life track in mind. I wanted to go the corporate world. High salaray, the high life and all the perks most people who want the same thing know. But I started questioning this dream when I was exposed to Focus on the Global South.

I got assigned to the commons project, where in we studied cases of land grabbing in the Philippines. It was here that I learnd what corporations needed to do to achieve their real estate visions. And it did not give me any delight.

I learned that for corporations to build high rise buildings, resorts and other structural projects, they needed to do one thing – evict those who come on their way. And more often than not, this leads to land grabbing.

Our farmers, indigenous countrymen and other people who have long lived on a certain piece of land will obviously resist evacuation. This resistance more often leads the corporations to do unlikely things, from simple forms of harassment to brually killing the leaders of the resistance.

Up to now, I am still contemplating on what path to take.


7 thoughts on “An Irony in NSTP

  1. I’m agree! I appreciate the work of the NGOs and I think it is a great fulfillment to be able to serve my country with the skills I acquired here the university. It may all sound cliche but I find joy in being able to do something with sense and purpose and not just for myself.

  2. Going corporate isn’t all bad. I mean, there are people in corporate who do very unethical/immoral things…but isn’t that true in almost every sector? I guess what I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to do those things if you want to make it big in corporate. You don’t necessarily need to change your intended career path. Actually, I think that the corporate world needs more people like you who are morally upright, intelligent, and caring for others. 🙂

  3. I agree with what Miguel Silva said, that “Going corporate isn’t all bad.” I think everything just really has it’s own pros and cons / goods and evils. It all boils down to staying true to your principles and values no matter what (noble) path of life you choose. 🙂

  4. I don’t think you should compromise or let go of your dreams just because this is what usually happens behind the pristine and glamour of working in the corporate world. You just need to find where you stand and like what all the other comments said, you shouldn’t change who you are or what you believe to make it to the top. Who knows, you might actually be the one to change the way the corporate world works.

  5. Well, one thing’s for sure: national/social programs such as NSTP help us get a glimpse another side or another perspective on a certain things that we may overlook due to a myriad of things– among them being the social classes from which we so-happened to be part of. While I may not totally agree with the idea that all things corporate further their interests at the expense of others, it is still worthwhile to know that it can happen; it can happen– not that it always happens. With that in mind, we would be better equipped to form our opinions and make decisions with more surety of knowledge on their would-be effects on other individuals and society as a whole.

  6. These corporations really have to change their methods in achieving their goals! They give students like us false hopes!

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