A New Perspective

To be honest, I’m not really very enthusiastic with things like economic nationalism and stuff like that. I never really felt the need to be. I’ve never thought of the status quo as being perfect but I didn’t really care much. So long as they don’t bother me, so long as I’m not required to, I won’t bother myself with things like that as well. Whenever I see people in mobilizations, I would usually say to myself, “How irrational can these people get? It’s not that they can change the system by yelling on the streets anyway, can they?” I’m not underestimating the power of these actions, but I think that it would take more than that to reach the ears of the key individuals who seemed to be so adept in feigning ignorance.


However, by spending some time with the people from FDC, I was offered yet another point of view. I began to saw that they aren’t really as irrational as I first thought. Well… At least, now I’m sure that not all of them are. Unlike my first impression on this sort of organizations, FDC was very systematic in achieving its goals. Yes, it does participate (or initiate) mobilizations every now and then, but the thing is that they don’t rely on mobilizations and I mean mobilizations alone. It acknowledges the fact that mobilizations aren’t enough and that to change the system, you need to change it from within. Yeah sure, I also believe that it will probably be a long difficult struggle but perhaps that’s the only way to play the game without violating the rules.


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