Gender Equality

(c) Trinette Manahan

(c) Trinette Manahan

Last March 6, 2014, together with my friends, I have watched Sigrid Andrea Bernardo’s “Ang Huling Cha cha ni Anita” in the UP Film Institute. It is in celebration of National Women’s Month.  This movie talks about a 12-year old Anita who fell in love with an older woman in their town. This film had won different awards in the recent CineFilipino Festival 2013 such as Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress and Best Ensemble Acting.

This is the first time I have watched in our local Philippine cinema about lesbianism. In addition to that, the film used a young child to show her struggling in identity. This movie is an eye opener for us to become gender sensitive individuals especially in our generation today, where there is still inequality in gender. I love how the people portrayed each of their roles.  They have also included concerns such abortion, faith and the like. All in all, the film is life changing and truly a work of art. I wish more filmmakers create this kind of film to expose the people the true issues in the sand how we must learn to respect the differences we have.


-Victor Marcelo 2011-44549


One thought on “Gender Equality

  1. Indeed, we are very lucky to be in UP in such way that we are being opened to Gender Equality issues. We are introduced to different perspectives with respect to the said issue through different initiatives coming from various institutions such as UP Babaylan, USC, and now even here in our NSTP at UPSE. From someone coming from a Catholic School, I could say that there’s a lot to know before we could speak regarding the LGBT community and not just hate them from baseless opinions.

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