Parting Words

If our land could speak,

would it say its dismay?

If the earth could shed tears,

would it cry out the melancholy

we’ve brought?

If we could rewind the time,

would we be better at all?

And if these ‘ifs’ could become a reality,

would any one of us really care?


I couldn’t think of any introduction to my LAST blog post for this NSTP class, so I thought I could use such a ‘corny’ poem. I’ve came out with these words on my jeepney ride home just a couple of hours ago. 

During our time with NAPC (National Anti-Poverty Commission), our host organization, I have realized a lot of things and learned so much lessons. Basically, we focused on disaster management and risk reduction. We did researches and field works to fulfill the objectives of our course but the essential thing I got from the whole semester of these is the experience, and the morals that came with it. 

Act. Not later, but now. Natural disasters, as a whole, is not a joke. When a typhoon comes, it’s not a simulation we should practice upon, it’s a reality. In these times, an efficient disaster management plan is a big help. In the barangay level – which is where we worked –  every one has a role, every one has to act in order to overcome the disasters. 

As cliche as it may sound – change starts from within. Start with yourself. Start from little things. And then grow a little bigger, then a little more bigger. The next thing you know is your metamorphosis has now influenced others to have their own. From one of our field works, I have learned this. The barangay we visited, started from scratch, started the change within themselves but that did them good because their barangay is a good model of a disaster prepared area and they have made this possible by themselves.

These are the main things I have learned from this semester. There are a lot more of course but I could not word them out all. So like how I started it,  I’ll end this post with yet another poem:


If our land could speak,

I will hear its dismays;

If our land could cry,

I will wipe away the tears;

If I could rewind the time,

I will try to be better; 

and if these ‘ifs’ could become a reality,

there’d be no more regrets. 



6 thoughts on “Parting Words

  1. Indeed, a hopeful one! i like the line “i will try to be better” since it is so relevant nowadays especially that most of our officials always fail to commit and be of service to their people. They lack consistency. They always fail yet never tried to be “better”

  2. Your poem was lovely! 🙂

    But you’re right, I think the Philippines talks a big talk when it comes to disaster preparedness. But when it comes to the real thing, we flop. I think it’s time that we take disaster preparedness and management seriously, since we, as a country, are very prone and at risk to natural calamities.

  3. “and if these ‘ifs’ could become a reality, there’d be no more regrets.” such delightful poems you have written 🙂

  4. inspiring poems! =)
    I agree with you, having disasters strike every now and then should make us even more aware of our actions. After all, we only have one earth.

  5. I love the poems you have created. Truly, there’s a lot of small things we could do in order to contribute in the community, here in terms of disaster preparedness in particular. It saddens me to see people start huge calls for such issues but they themselves do not reflect what they call for. Let us be sincere with our campaigns such as this one. Let us be the testament of our movement, let us be the manifestation of what we fight for. 🙂

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