To be very honest, after our first session with Ma’am Donna of the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) ended, I had expected my whole semester would be a boring one. I mean, we were assigned to climate change, so why were we supposed to make a module and do research instead of planting trees and the like? I was disappointed. And, indeed, the start of my semester was boring. I thought it would stay like that till the end. But then we had field works. We went out of the office room and exposed ourselves to the real world – to the real situations, problems, and complications happening around the nation. It was at that time I started appreciating the course and finally making sense of what I was doing there.

I was there to make a change. I was there to startle people’s consciousness and make them move. I was there to be the catalyst for action.

It feels fulfilling, that I was able to do something for the people. It feels rewarding, that however small my contribution was, I still was able to help for the betterment of our nation. And it feels satisfying, that for the first time ever, I feel like I’m a person worthy of living in this country.

Change – however little and useless it may seem, is still a change. And really, everything starts from change.

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