Three C’s of Responsiblity


Nestled along Roman Superhighway in Bataan, Thai-multinational conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Foods Corporation (CPF) invested Php7,000,000,000 in the Philippines.

As a corporation, they secured a Memorandum of Agreement with the residing communities around it. With this comes responsibilities the company need to uphold; however, problems are being raised due to CPF’s said negligence.

Moving forward, let me put aside CPF’s alleged negligence and focus on how to fulfill responsibilities. I believe that in order to do this, you only need three letter C’s—common sense, credibility, conscience.

First is common sense. To expound, why would you promise something you can’t fulfill?  Common sense would tell you that you should not continue if that’s the case.

Second is credibility. You should always think of your credibility when entering into deals because this will be the measure of people’s trustworthiness towards you.

Third is conscience. This is the best defender of truth and righteousness. If one really has conscience, he/she will most likely fulfill his/her responsibilities.


-Earl Ricser Viray (2012-04819)

3 thoughts on “Three C’s of Responsiblity

  1. The above case that you mentioned initially is, perhaps, a good example of perspective, i.e. on how an individual or a group view contracts, obligations, and/or promises. Obviously, there really are some that willingly enter into these agreements despite the absence of any intention to honor some– if not all– of the provisions in these said agreements. Obviously as well, there are some implications or evaluations (a much better term, I believe) to those having such a perspective, one of them being short-sightedness.

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