Propagating goodness

Our instructors in The Nameless organization constantly remind us how limited their budget is for the events they want to convene. Sir Ruben has even mentioned to us that sometimes they even bring out cash from their own pockets just to fund these events. They spend a lot of time and effort looking for sponsors, gathering resources, and organizing such events – and all of this come out of their own will and initiative.

No one is really forcing them to join the organization or paying them to acknowledge all the unnamed heroes of our nation. So why do they even bother to do these things? There are a lot more things they could invest their time in. They can opt to be more productive in their chosen career paths or even use their extra time for leisure purposes, but they still choose to allot a certain amount of time each week for this organization. This made me think – what do they do it for, then?

All these organizations we’re all being a part of as of the moment have their own advocacies and goals. Most of them are simply volunteers who spend their own time, money, and effort to propagate their corresponding organizations’ missions. We were all divided into sub-groups focusing on different themes namely Community Organizing, Gender Sensitivity, Economic Nationalism, among others. All of them having one thing in common – building a better nation by propagating goodness through their own initiatives. So, what’s in it for them? Nothing material, really. However, I’m pretty sure that they are gaining a sense of fulfillment from doing all these acts of kindness and it is more than what they’re giving out.

For The Nameless, they aim to give proper acknowledgement to the heroes in our country who deserve it. The heroes that they recognize stood up for something at one point in their lives. Most of these heroes died unjustly, and The Nameless is trying to serve them justice by giving them honor and the lives they have offered for the nation that allowed us to live the lives we’re living now. I am excited to know the advocacies of other groups and organizations our other batchmates are working for. But for now, I take this moment to thank these organizations because by pushing their advocacies, sparing their own time and effort willingly and making our nation a better place to live in one step at a time; they themselves, are being the heroes of our own nation.


5 thoughts on “Propagating goodness

  1. It’s great to see that people who are passionate about the things that they are fighting for are looking for every possible way to accomplish their goals. Nameless for example, they want to be heard and thus, they created this organization to really show that indeed, there are lot of people that need to be recognize, through their activities and events. Great advocacy, Nameless!

  2. There are some forms of work that I believe must be done, but may seem to, in the eyes of some people, not hold much value. But then again, value is very subjective, and as such, what might be a “waste of time” for some could be the best use of time for others. Hence, the work of organizations like yours deserve tons of credit as they value different things, honorable things and almost strictly act towards those, regardless of the lack of any “incentives”, at least incentives we commonly perceive to be as such.

  3. Truly, it is nice and very heart-warming to know that there are still Filipinos who go beyond what is expected of them and who continue to fight for what they believe in. I believe that our generation must also do our share in continuing the effort that our fellow countrymen demonstrate. And i hope that, more people continue to support these efforts and actually get to know organizations such as those we have been assigned to in our NSTP class.

  4. It is nice to hear that these NGOs exist – those who aim to acknowledge works done by unnamed heroes without receiving anything in return. The fact that they get from their own pockets just to fund these events is admirable. They spend their time to make people aware of their advocacy and I really admire that about Nameless. In my opinion, Nameless should be considered as one of our unnamed heroes.

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