PEPPY Project

Last time, I wrote a blog about Early Sexual Initiation and from there I mentioned how PRRM would conduct reproductive health seminars for the out of school youth. For this blog, I am going to discuss the specifics of those seminars.

PEPPY stands for Peer Education and Public-Private Partnership towards Improved Reproductive Health Information and Services for Out-of-School Youth, which is a project of PRRM, the NGO we were assigned to. PEPPY aims to provide for the insufficiency and inaccuracy of information on health and reproductive health among out-of-school youths that lead them to risky behaviors that further puts them on a disadvantage.

As of today, there are 39 million Filipinos aged from 6 – 24 and 6 million of these Filipinos are out of school youths. 1 million of the OSYs belong to the bottom 10 percent of per capita stratum. However, the PEPPY sessions are aimed to the 15-25 year old age group.

Last January 20, our group went to Caloocan in order to observe how PEPPY seminars were being conducted. Unfortunately, I was not able to come with them due to illness. PRRM chose Caloocan as one of its PEPPY sites because it has a high number of out of school youth and a high rate of teenage pregnancy. PRRM believes that through PEPPY, the youth will choose not to engage in risky behaviors such as premarital sex. If ever these teenagers still choose to engage in these activities, PRRM includes the discussion of artificial contraceptives in its seminars.

I believe that PEPPY will be able to create an avenue for the out of school to learn about reproductive health because parents rarely talk about this at home. It has been approximately one year since PEPPY was launched and there are still a lot of improvements to be made like more conducive venues for sessions and more interested participants for the session.

Espino, Jose Mari C.


One thought on “PEPPY Project

  1. I’m taking EDH 100 this semester as one of my free electives and part of our group report we tackled the issue of reproductive health, consequences of misinformation and lack of knowledge. The research I got from it is very relevant to what your group is working for. I think this PEPPY project can be sustainable and very effective in teaching the youth the importance of reproductive health.

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