More than Just Gardening

As we have ended our NSTP-CWTS sessions with our assigned NGO, more than the happiness of the completion of our project, we were even more grateful for the lessons we’ve learned through the sessions that we’ve had with our NGO, PRRM.

As we continued our gardening sessions, slowly but surely, the rooftop garden we’re working on showed great improvements and by the end of the project, our group is proud to say that we’ve succeeded in renovating and organizing the garden. There are no more dried out plants to be seen and the piled up dirt as well as small pieces of trash have all been cleaned up for good. We also moved the tables and other things that wouldn’t be of any use anymore to avoid wasting space.  All that could be seen when you enter the rooftop is purely a haven of organic and fresh plants and vegetables waiting for you to marvel on their beauty. Of course, these beauties not only please the viewer’s eyes but also their tastebuds for they can also purchase these yummy treats ,since PRRM not only personally uses these plants for teas and snacks on their breaks, but they also sell them to interested buyers on their ground floor (as shown by our friend Muning in the picture below :> ). This shows even one more advantage to having your very own rooftop garden!


Along the process, our supervising boss asked us, “Do you understand why you’re doing this?”, and it made me think of the reasons why. It then became clear to me that we’re not just there to attend sessions and finish our cwts program, but we’re there to learn, plan, and act… not just as students that want to serve their nation but as citizens that would want to contribute to the improvement of the lives of our country’s fellow citizens. More than just gardening, we’re experiencing Urban Gardening first-hand and its advantages. Imagine if every household owned a mini garden that would supply them with vegetables and fruits daily without them having to take time to go to a marketplace. Urban Gardening not only promotes food shortage minimization, green living, and climate pollution reduction; it also promotes transportation handicaps reduction and healthy alternatives. With our fast-paced world now that’s filled with urbanization and industrialization, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little “green” in the office or the workplace or better yet, on the rooftop ! Hooray for Urban Gardening ! :> ❤ ❤ ❤


Even our guinea pig friend that has witnessed the improvement of the rooftop garden approves ! :3


To complement our gardening and experience, our bosses also let us  attend seminars of different topics and subjects such as Sustainable Development and Sustainable Agriculture, etc. that would potentially help us in planning for the future of our country’s development as the next generation. I personally am thankful to them for they trusted us enough to let us attend these important seminars even though we’re only just “kids” compared to their knowledge and experience. That’s when it dawned to me that they were really putting their hopes on us and they believe that we would really be able to do something to change the country for the better. Now the pressure is on us ! We can’t just support verbally, but we have to start taking action and practice change now if we really want to get anywhere. 🙂

-Henny Liao



5 thoughts on “More than Just Gardening

  1. This is really nice! It looks like you guys had fun. 🙂 And also very true, you have to understand why you’re doing something, and sometimes something so simple becomes very important once you’ve realize it. *sends karate kid vibes* 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading this one because I can feel how thrilled you are after accomplishing a great makeover of the garden 😀

  3. Wow what an experience! I am fond of gardening as well. Yes you are right, we have to start taking action in order to have a better society. Kudos to your lovely blog 🙂

  4. I really liked your group’s presentation last week! The project was simple enough (on paper at least) but at the same time I know it will definitely go a long way in helping your NGO, and of course to inspire others to do the same 🙂

  5. This is a prime example of how environmental issues are, by a substantial part, questions on lifestyle, both individual and collective. In going green, it’s not just about following what pamphlets or what the media recommends; rather, it’s about know why something is done, especially why something is done as opposed to another way of going about it.

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