Learning Beyond Classroom Walls

            From the start of this semester, my Mondays have been filled with trips to our assigned NGO namely, PRRM. I had a blog post before about what we were tasked to do in every meeting and that is to tend the rooftop garden of the PRRM building. I also mentioned that even before we finished all the required meetings, I have already learned the significance of what we were doing. That the simple act of planting could answer to the bigger problem of climate change; that it is for the development and improvement of our environment. But I had been so objective and technical then because I never knew that along with the developments of our environment would be the improvements that would happen to me.

            During our report in the NGO, I said that given the technological age that we are in right now, people tend to solve the problems we have through the use of the technology around us. But in the case of the problem of climate change, technology is not the only solution because even small acts such as planting could do a lot. But now, I want to discuss more on what developed in me, the learning that I gained. From a person who found it hard to plant and make it grow, I learned the basics of planting as well as the particular uses and health benefits of the plants that we planted. The experience also gave me a picture of how hard it must be for farmers, who never got the assurance that their work throughout the day would pay off, because of the crazy weather conditions we experience lately that could hinder the growth of their plants. Aside from that, I realized the importance and flexibility of organic farming because it not only answers to our environmental problems but it also caters to the needs of people such as the health and food benefits it gives out. The essence of time was also heavily inculcated in me because we constantly needed to wait for the sun to set or be covered by the clouds before we start our duties. So the opportunity to maximize the time we have in planting and be more efficient given our time constraint was foregone. Of course, I also learned the steps of how to properly plant and replant the plants, how to be so meticulous with the way you loosen the soil and how to give proper spacing in between the seeds you plant. I also realized that not only do you need to plant in a garden but you need to think about the aesthetics of the whole garden as well since beauty is a vital factor to make sure that your goal of promoting rooftop gardens would be more marketable.

            Learning is indeed not only found in the confines of the classroom but could be present even in the most unexpected places, like a simple rooftop garden. As cliché as this may sound, it is a fact that is often taken for granted. And this time, I just cannot put this thought aside, the thought that learning is not only memorizing facts but also learning to value the experience.   


— Genevieve Kristine B. Mañalac

         2012 – 21373


One thought on “Learning Beyond Classroom Walls

  1. I’d also like to prescribe to the notion that small actions are significant in their own ways so as to contribute to a cause. I suppose its in these small acts that one gets into a better position for even greater ones in the future; after all, you have to learn the ropes somewhere and by some means.

    As for you learning to plant, how nice and good for you! It may not be on the same scale as drafting bills into law for the country, but you get lessons taught to you nonetheless. As you said, you’ve been allowed a different perspective on time and its value– and that’s not nothing. Big leaps or small steps: one still ends up moving in the end. Hopefully, it’s forward.

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