Above All Things

Three days ago was our group’s last formal meeting with La Liga Policy Institute.  We finally submitted our final output and I can definitely say that I am proud of it.  Our job was definitely not easy but it was fulfilling.  As Economics majors, knowing that our output can actually contribute to the society is really a great achievement.  NGOs such as the La Liga Policy Institute also remind me that we can still hope for a better country and a better society if we start to realize that we can bring change no matter who or where we are in the society.  I remember Ma’am Marge sharing to us stories about the Martial Law and the political issues today and what really struck me was her integrity to do what is right and not what is convenient.  Our CWTS class for this semester undeniably took a lot of our time but the outcome and the learnings we got from this class is definitely worth the sacrifices we made.

Arrah Batiles



One thought on “Above All Things

  1. As Economics majors, I believe that we need to contribute to the society. With this, we should keep in mind not only our efficiency goals, but also our equity objectives. This is what many economists of today forget. They are too much focused on efficiency that they tend to forget the importance of equity.

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