“About To Get Really Weird”

Over the past few years, climate change has sort of become a part of our psyche and has entered the stream of words or phrases we regularly use, or regularly hear in the news. There definitely are a lot of scientific explanations to the many phenomena occurring with the environment and with the weather, with more to come, but an entry in lolmythesis.com describes everything in the most accurate way possible: “The climate is about to get really weird.” True enough, this has manifested in many ways, and in the Philippine context, some believe that climate change is what has fueled some of the monstrous storms that have plowed through the country over the past few years.

For whatever definite reason each of these occur, it’s clear that we cannot be as unprepared as we have proven to be in some past instances. And, as I’ve learned in my work in La Liga Policy Institute, a holistic approach should be taken as we come up with solutions, and steps should be taken from preparedness to response. No stones should be left unturned and all angles should be covered, from preparing the individual to preparing large areas across LGUs. There are ways to better equip areas for different situations, that involve both infrastructure and cost effective workshops. And not only should a holistic approach be taken, but it should be taken in collaboration with all other affected parties. This is because, as we’ve seen, damage can not only be heavy, but could also be widespread. As such, working together in a thorough manner will prove to be both cost and life saving in the future. 

– Jude Benedict T. Geron

4 thoughts on ““About To Get Really Weird”

  1. An interesting thing to consider is the development of green technology. At present industrial development is inevitable thus, the need to integrate green practices in our manufacturing such as putting scrubbers in coal powered power plants and ect. This is one ways we can use the humans powers of innovation to prepare for the inevitable. Climate Change is a phenomenon that the human can bring about or counteract. It is simply a choice that we have the liberty to make.

  2. The Philippines is in an unenviable situation because we produce a minute percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions yet we are highly vulnerable to devastating phenomena brought on by climate change. What is necessary is that our country increase its defenses against such phenomena while doing our best not to exacerbate problems by contributing to a greater extent to climate change.

  3. Yeah, I totally agree with that, I hope the government would take current steps or do proper enforcement since the laws are already there to ensure that we do our part in taking care of the environment. One of the thing which our country boasts is rich natural resource and it would be sad if it would just be degraded because of human actions. Thank You jude for this wonderful article!

  4. True enough, the Philippines ought to be especially sensitive and active when it comes to environmental issues since, for one, the place is considered as a hotspot for biodiversity, and that’s a strength as well as a boon the country ought to capitalize on– and preserve. For another, given our geography, the Philippines is prone to natural calamities, i.e. storms, and these calamities can indeed surge with the advent of climate change, as the recent typhoons have demonstrated.

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