In four months of working in PRRM (Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement), it reminded me of various things that I have already learned but I have forgotten. Four months may be a short time, to think that we only go there every Monday, but certainly, every meeting is worth it. I surely learned something from it.


            From the first meeting that I knew about the organization, it was a wake-up call for me that I really need to do something for our environment and by doing something is by knowing something first. Responding to the need of the environment is not just by taking care of it but also by educating the people, it is the first thing I learned from PRRM. The seminar about Sustainable Development supported the lesson I learned from the first meeting and by this time, I need to commit myself to do something for the environment.


On the succeeding meetings, I learned to work for the environment, to start making a change. At first, I did not know that urban gardening was possible. With the extreme conditions and busy people, how could they still maintain a garden in an urban area? Seeing the garden, for the first time, I do not know what to do with it. How could we turn this to a more beautiful garden? And from there I got a wonderful experiences and lessons that I think will help me through my life.


When I was in elementary, I was never able to grow a mongo seed and that is why I was afraid that I could not do anything to improve the rooftop garden. Good thing I tried planting again because I was able to grow some plants like basil and oregano. There is nothing wrong with trying, I learned. Growing a plant takes a lot of patience and hardwork. I learned to be more patient and to work hard for something you want with less complaining. The fun thing with our gardening experience is that I was able to know more species of plants.

The gardening experience is not just about planting but teaching us that these plants are all organic. Roof top garden promotes sustainable agriculture. And by sustainable agriculture, it ensures that there is sufficient food for the population. Well, the main project of PRRM is really sustainable agriculture and their roof top garden was just a showcase.




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  1. I have yet to see the change you brought to the rooftop garden of PRRM. I hope that you’ll be able to present pictures during your last presentation for our nstp class. hehe.

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