Spaces, Places and Races


What I’ve learned in Geog 1 can be summed up in one phrase; the interrelation between places and humans (human activities). It constitutes that places influences how humans live and how human activities affects the spaces around them.

The former suggests that how we live is predetermined on where we settle. We might think immediately about the livelihood but it’s so much greater than that. The culture and beliefs are also included. Moreover I can’t help but wonder that having this predetermined life is somewhat a hindrance to really expressing oneself. One example is people living in rural areas, a situation where the parents trains their children as early as we might think on agriculture or fishing, sometimes disregarding what the children really wants to be when he or she grows up. Another example is the LGBT, which is a very popular and sensitive issue ever since. And also debates and conflicts between religious beliefs and morality itself.

On the other hand the latter assert that human activities cause the development or retrogression of places. Not to solely credit or blame the human race because other factors such as ‘natural phenomena’ also is inevitable. But our activities greatly affect the spaces around us. Not to be religious or something, but I think that being ‘stewards of God’s creation’ applies to this. We are responsible for one another and for what becomes of our surroundings.


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2 thoughts on “Spaces, Places and Races

  1. I completely agree with what you’ve said. I’ve also had a great appreciation for the effects of spaces on the activities of human beings through my Geog classes this semester. Where we are does really affect our activities as human beings and at the same time, we should be responsible for the spaces that we occupy. We should also be careful on how we use our limited resources. People are growing in number day after day and are using more and more of our one earth’s very scarce resources. I think we should all really think about how to take care of the planet that we call home 🙂

  2. I very much agree. We affect spaces just as much as they affect us. It’s interesting how everything is connected. What we do can collectively impact the environment, whether good or bad. Yet another reminder that we are responsible for the care of the planet. 🙂

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