A trip to the TFDP



Last March 3, 2014 my CWTS group and I were tasked to go to the office of the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines which is one of the human rights groups established during the time of the Marcos regime. Their office was quite hard to locate and it can be considered a hidden gem for those interested in history, particularly the period that involved Martial Law.

Inside their office, they had a small museum which contained different things from posters, artworks along with other memorabilia such as flags, note cards, pendants, news clippings, etc.  that characterized the fight for human rights during those times. It was sort of like opening up a time capsule from the 1970s- 1980s. Our guide also showed us their records of almost 10,000 cases of human rights violations that were done under Marcos’s dictatorship most of which are unsolved until today. She told us about how extreme and gruesome the violations were and how people just started disappearing and have never been found.

They also had a wall for the heroes of that time period similar to those in the Bantayog ng mga Bayani. The names ranged from those we all know such as Benigno Aquino Jr. but there were also those who were lesser known, some of the nameless heroes who also contributed a lot to the fight for justice. The TDFP also had a lot of different kinds of records of the Martial Law period which they were generous enough to show us. It was really nice to see how they were able to compile and preserve them all.

Overall, the trip to the TFDP was good one as we were able to learn more about our history and also deepen our understanding on the concept of human rights.


4 thoughts on “A trip to the TFDP

  1. WOW. I wish I was able to visit also. I can only imagine the very dark feeling of having your human rights violated and yet, up to now, there hasn’t been any justice served. That would just be so painful. I’m glad that there are people like this NGO that step up and fight for the rights of the marginalized and underrepresented. They are fighting for a really good and worthy cause.

  2. I appreciated the trip we had to TFDP! I suggest that our other batchmates or even anyone who is interested to visit the museum. The trip was truly a learning experience for all of us. We were able to learn more about our history especially regarding the hidden stories that are not usually written in textbooks. I hope that more people will get to know the organization and its cause even more.

  3. Indeed, I also love the fact of the video where we were able to discuss on the issue of Martial Law/ Marcos’ Regime and it’s effect on people like us and to others. Truly a learning experience, and a lot was gained from a wondrous exposure. Deepened my understanding of different history accounts and was happy to discuss issues with my peers.

  4. It was really heartbreaking to see the books filled with names of people who were killed or people who disappeared. Honestly, I think the disappearances could be a bit worse than the murders because the families of the victims would never stop wondering what actually happened. It’s sad knowing that some cases would never be solved.

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