Young but…

I’ve always loved science camps. When I was a high school student, camping was the extra-curricular activity that I loved the most. Going to seminars, trainings, workshops, and competitions which aim to make young students more knowledgeable about the environment, its current condition and what one can do to help not to make its state worse, was very exciting. I wish there were more of these activities not only in the Philippines but in all other parts of the globe. These events make young people aware of what’s happening in a fun way and of course, make future adults less likely to do things that would harm the environment.

It’s not that today’s youths don’t care about what’s happening in their surroundings, it’s just that some aren’t being trained properly to actually care and some have no idea that something is actually happening. We should help in making them care, we should promote activities that make them know about the issues on the environment in a fun manner, science camps for example. Let’s make a society full of people who are aware even at a young age, with people helping in making the environment better and not just sitting there, waiting for something wrong to happen, before realizing that they have to act now.



5 thoughts on “Young but…

  1. I think unity must first be established by the youth. Good points. I wish I also enjoyed extra curricular activities back then in my high school days.

  2. Exactly. The youth can be a really instrumental tool in bringing about change in the society. All they need is the proper training: a kind of training that will truly leave a mark on them.

  3. I love Science Camps too! Learning outside the 4 corners of the classroom is just awesome! You learn more about a certain topic in Science or in any aspect in life when you get first hand experience with it. 🙂

  4. I agree with the point that you raised. I think that these kinds of activities that aim to inform others about our environmental conditions would be really effective especially to the younger generations.

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