The Two Sides of Mining

It has been an issue for quite some time now in our country, the issue of mining. It is now an imperative to see what the proponents and critics have to say to this long-standing debate. Let us now see…


Creation of jobs – on-field works, organizational works, rural and infrastructural “development”

Revenues to government – income tax, real estate tax, environmental permits and customs


Concerns over fauna, flora, and the environment – water pollution (e.g. Acid rock drainage), deforestation, animal habitat destruction, mountaintop removal, subsidence, destruction, tailing and spoil

Displacement of natives – human rights violation, forced relocation, refugee issue, and violent conflict

Property devaluation – tourism decline, aesthetic damage, and inhospitable homing


Presented was the advantages and disadvantages of the pursuit of economic growth and livelihood through mining, but many questions were not yet answered.

Is responsible mining possible? Is it worth to trade-off environmental stability for a fast-track economic growth in the sector of mining? Is the sustainability of mining guaranteed? And many others.

A parting statement:

Will Filipino tax payers end up picking up the tab in years to come as Canadian taxpayers do now for thousands of abandoned mines in Canada?

Catherine Coumans, Ph.D., MiningWatch Canada

These are the topics of discussion in the Alyansa Tigil-Mina or ATM. To know more about the organization you can visit their website at


4 thoughts on “The Two Sides of Mining

  1. It’s good you presented the pros and cons for mining. I would suggest that it is also a great side of the story if your group can also present the pros and cons in small scale and large scale mining. :))

  2. The thing I really appreciate the most about this post is that you showed, as your title suggests, the two sides on mining. It provides an avenue for people to really think about their stand on this pressing issue. I like how you ended your post without choosing a particular side as this gives people the chance to really think about which side they are one.

  3. Hi KM! 🙂 Thanks for this post.

    I think you also missed out on another advantage of mining – it provides us with the raw materials that we use to produce goods that we need in our daily lives. Without the refined ores and minerals that mining activities provide us, we won’t have clothes (because clothes are mass produced by machines), cars and computers. These can be sources of revenue and can also serve as a linkage to industries which our country sorely needs to develop.

    A complete BAN on mining, in my opinion, is not optimal – people can benefit from the jobs and the revenues that it can bring. However, you’re right when it comes to the disadvantages. Unfortunately, irresponsible mining does occur and our environment is left even worse off than before. Corrective policies like taxes and proper institutional implementation (law enforcement and court action) can fix these problems, however.

    Mining is not necessarily a bad thing. It is only bad when it is overdone or irresponsibly done.

    -Danilo Lorenzo Atanacio (2012-57960)

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