At first it was just an idea, a notion of promoting Economic Nationalism through working with a non governmental organization. Being a student who knows nothing but just the route from school to home and vice versa, I felt that there is no way that economic nationalism can be embodied by being an intern in a NGO.

Then, it turned into a plan. We, my group mates and I, had a meeting with the coordinating officers of the NGO that we will be working with for the whole semester. The Action for Economic Reform(AER), at first, had an atmosphere of usual comfortable well-furnished office which backed up my thoughts that everything will be fine and easy.

And right after knowing the what’s, when’s, where’s and how’s the things will go, it became a commitment. Being on the first half of this game was very difficult because I am not used to doing what I had been doing. I don’t have very good organizing and leadership skills for back when I was in my high school days, I just study,study, and study.

Working with Action for Economic Reform, made what is impossible for me at first, possible. Honestly,things didn’t turned out the way I expected it to be, it was not fine and easy which is a good because hardships and challenges molds us, bring out the best in us. From now on, I am not anymore a student who only knows is to read and solve math problems. I am now a grown man, a man with not just the sense to work but also has a drive to be with other people.

De Chavez, John Ivan M.  2012-21270


3 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. It’s nice how you discovered the other side of you. We really should go out of our comfort zone in order to discover new things that will improve us.

  2. This blog is a proof that it’s never too late to discover yourself! Go out and keep opening new doors my friend! 🙂

  3. It is nice to hear that growth and development within a person could happen anytime and anywhere. It is also good to know that your internship in the NGO is the one that triggered this improvement since it really shows that our CWTS activity this sem has been effective. 🙂

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