Why the NBI should be awarded the Oscars this year

The assault on Vhong Navarro I believe in the moment has received enough attention already by virtue of the media and I really feel that it would better to stop talking about it. There is just one little thing that really bugged me throughout the whole fiasco and I really have to rant about it. A curious thing I observed while watching the news of the scandal was how fast and efficient the National Bureau of Investigation was in performing in this case. Although I really don’t know any specific data on the investigation (and I don’t really feel on researching on it as I am sick of this overblown scandal), I just observed how direct and voluntary the effort was from the NBI. As days passed by, new evidence and developments in the case kept on showing on the news, day by day active investigation was being done, in other words they were relentless in their investigation.
I am in no way saying that it was wrong for them to act well on the case and I do believe that their effort was commendable at the least. I am just quite angry at how inconsistent the NBI is with the different cases that they have handled. My friend’s father died along with their family driver when an unidentified gunman shot them both in the head while they were going home from a business trip. My friend is in the same year as me in UP and her father died around the time we were about to take the UPCAT. My best friend died of guillain-barre syndrome, a curable disease due to negligence of the hospital. He was my bandmate and he had a promising future ahead of him, he had an ongoing contract as a recording artist for VIVA records. Never did I see that direct and immediate action from NBI and these 2 cases from 2 years ago have still not seen the light of day. I feel really angry and sad at the same time that a case which is for me less important has been given much more attention by the NBI relative to cases I have mentioned. If NBI is doing this well cause they want better publicity, I assure you not a single thing will change on my opinion of them and I believe a whole lot of people can relate to me on this.


One thought on “Why the NBI should be awarded the Oscars this year

  1. I totally agree that the NBI is being very considerate of the scandal. In fact, it is not just the NBI, but also the whole government, like the DOJ. It seems very unlikely for them to be this flexible when there are more important cases that needs to be resolved.

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