What I Look Forward To On Monday Afternoons

These past months, we were assigned to do our required fieldwork for this subject in the La Liga Policy Institute, and we were initially asked to do a community profile on one of the barangays who will be the beneficiaries for their watershed project. But then, certain circumstances happened and we’re now working on a market study for brown rice, something that can help the organization convince people to eat brown rice.

Initially, Monday afternoon CWTS class for me was just another class to go to whether desired or not. I always struggled to get out of my boarding house and sit for three hours listening to whomever’s in front speak about socially relevant things but forgetting them afterwards because they just felt too distant for me. But come second semester, when we were assigned to different partner organizations, these things that I usually disregard now seem a little closer to home and make me feel encouraged to do major changes for the betterment of others.

No, I’m not saying that I’m enjoying my CWTS class. I admit I haven’t gotten to that stage. But then because of my wacky groupmates (starting from our meticulous leader to the ones who play random music at La Liga’s headquarters), I realize my Monday afternoons aren’t so dull anymore. These things give me something to look forward to on days when I’d rather sleep or do homework or do nothing.

Fatima Blaise Cruz


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