Well there go my Monday mornings…and I’m cool with that

I wasn’t too excited to start NGO work. I was assigned to Akbayan and we were supposed to report everyday at 9am. Usually at 9am on a Monday, I’d still be asleep, or in front of the computer. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to enjoy NGO work.

I thought at first that we’d be packing things for the party. I thought that we’d be dealing with relief goods for Yolanda victims. It turned out, that we were going to do something very different.

We were assignedd to help the party with paralegal tasks. This involved filing and sorting cases, doing research, etc. It was interesting and fulfilling. We got to know more about the legal system, the environment in which lawyers work, how they work, and the cases themselves.

Later on, we were tasked to report to congress. We helped research about government projects. We needed to research about government projects that can be accessible to CSOs without congress intervention. I found the work tedious yet satisfying.

In the end, I ended up almost enjoying the work. It may be a bit of a hassle for me, but at least I know that my work and the work of my groupmates will be beneficial to others.

In the end, my Monday mornings just got better.


2 thoughts on “Well there go my Monday mornings…and I’m cool with that

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