Useless Advice

The biggest story, which received huge coverage by the Philippine media this week, was the scandal involving actor Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo. Since everybody kept talking about it, I went online the other day to read up. I never got to do it. Instead, I was distracted by a far more interesting article entitled ‘The 5 Most Useless Pieces of Advice Everybody Gives.’

15 minutes and a couple rounds of scrolling later, I felt that what I just read did make some sense, and I decided to compile the list into a quick summary:
1) You just need to watch what you eat/drink/smoke etc. “When I went through what you are going through, here’s what worked for me.”
2) You just need to cheer up! “So, how are things going?”
3) You just need to believe in yourself! “Remember that, ultimately, nobody gives a fuck.”
4) Just be yourself. “Learn how you look to other people.”
5) You just need to find what you were meant to do with your life! “If this is what you want to do, you have to keep trying.”


I read through the whole article, and I must say that I agree with it completely. I have, in the past, been on both the giving and receiving end of vague and useless advice. It would be a great improvement for individuals and society to check these out. These make a lot of sense to me and it is articles like these that remind me that there is still some humanity left on the internet.

-Luis B. Partosa


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