Talk of the Town

There has been much abuzz regarding a certain celebrity’s hospitalization, and the details do not need to be elaborated on, as surely thousands have chimed in on social media to do just that. It is the amount of attention the issue has garnered that has bothered a number of people, with cries of “There are more important things to talk about!” and questions like “The media is giving it too much air time!”

Perhaps it has garnered too much air time. However, I don’t believe it has gotten so much as to displace “more important” issues. Other than the little dent it has made onto the “roster” of news on news channels per night, the mix of news has not changed much, as “regular” occurrences in the Philippines have not changed at all. It’s not like the whole event changed the landscape in the blink of an eye. If there is any fault at all in that regard, it would have to be placed on all of us. To me, it’s our being desensitized to the “usual” news stories that tend to overstate how much attention is being placed on the whole issue. What happened was not, in our heads, a regular occurrence, and the inconclusive circumstances of the issue just add fuel to our imagination. And this level of attention we give, in turn, puts an incentive on the media to pump more stories related to it, turning into a cycle. With that, change would indeed come over time, but for now, it will take a miracle to quiet down a great population that has the issue in their heads.

– Jude Benedict T. Geron


One thought on “Talk of the Town

  1. I do not know much about the said issue but I agree with the points in your article. We can not really tell people to stop hounding this issue since things like this will always happen. But then we can always focus more on the bigger, more relevant issues because these are the things that matter.

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