When I learned that I got Akbayan for this CWTS assignment, I was very confused. I knew that it was a political party because I remembered seeing advertisements and posters during campaign season, but that was about it. When someone from my group told me that it was a leftist political party, I got scared because I’m not exactly the rally/protest-attending person that I thought I needed to be.

I was kind of happy when I got an email from them saying that we were supposed to show up to help pack relief goods for the Yolanda victims because it meant that I didn’t have to join a rally in the middle of the street and that I could actually help the victims of the storm. When we got there, they told us that we were Atty. Juancho’s interns and that we weren’t supposed to be packing goods, we were supposed to be helping him with his case files. When they said that we were going to be his paralegal interns, I was so happy because it meant that I was finally going to be living the life of Rachel Zane from Suits, one of my favorite shows.

So every week, we were given “paralegal” tasks like fixing and indexing their old case files, arranging documents by date and filing them and putting them in folders. We were even given the chance to sit in one of Atty’s client meetings, which gave us the opportunity to know hands-on how lawyers work and how they really help their clients.

I’m really glad that I was able to experience this for CWTS because it’s not everyday that I get firsthand experience helping with real cases and to be surrounded with the possibility that this could actually be me in a couple of years.


Francesca Mikhaela P. Yazon


2 thoughts on “Suits

  1. I agree. This experience is enlightening for people who wish to take up the legal profession. It is enlightening that such experiences are brought up to light now rather than regret later on the experiences the job carries.

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