A few hours ago, I wasn’t able to think of what to write about next for my second blog. But as I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed, I saw this event to be held tomorrow by our college council. This event, as said in the publicity material, will tackle gender issues and practices on certain things like courtships. Moreover, it will also talk about stereotyping and its effects on people, particularly those in the LGBT community.

Seeing this also made me think about our project; that is, our brown rice market survey. This is because as our group has researched, people are hesitant to use brown rice as substitute because they also have initial perceptions on brown rice (i.e. brown rice is unclean compared to white rice) and that these judgments affect their overall outlook on brown rice. In reality, however, brown rice is merely unpolished rice (meaning it does not pass through the rice mill unlike white rice), but it is said to be healthier than white rice. But because of stereotypes on brown rice decades ago, it isn’t as widely patronized as it should be.

Stereotypes exist to help us identify things that will otherwise take forever for us to decipher. At the same time, these limit us from doing our best and make us conform to the fold that is the society. Removing stereotypes thoroughly is impossible, but making good use of them is the key for the betterment of society.

(edited September 25, 2016)

Fatima Blaise Cruz



2 thoughts on “Stereotypes

  1. I agree with you that removing stereotypes may be very hard. It is a part of people’s lifestyles already to get some sort of info about certain things. They may not always be true but as many people share it, it is somehow believed to be true. This is the root of stereotypes. I think what’s important is that people keep an open mind about things and make sure to check them for themselves because they believe them.

  2. I hope that someday, only a thin line exists between the “Stereotype” and the “Truth”. It feels awesome seeing that the majority of the people around us believes in such a thing because it’s the truth and not only because most people do or say it. 🙂

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