Starting to Love Monday

I love Wednesdays and Fridays. And Tuesdays and Thursdays, too. But Mondays… not really the best part of my week.

This is true until my CWTS group mates and I met the Buklod Tao, a people’s organization based in San Mateo, Rizal whose primary mission is to provide a safe evacuation space, to build rescue boats, and to prevent erosion of riverbanks not only for their community but also for other communities who are vulnerable when it comes to disaster and calamities. What’s more interesting is that they don’t just stop on helping vulnerable communities and organizing rescue teams. They are also continuing to live up on their core values of nationalism, creativity, and being humble by raising their own funds through making bags, mats, tetra pots, and slippers out of recycled materials like tetra packs and coconut husks. They were able to make such things just by patience of collecting the materials and by being creative and that’s why we should be proud that we are Filipinos. They are very smart people, kind-hearted, and they are such an inspiration to everyone. They can’t change the weather but that doesn’t mean that they are helpless. Even if San Mateo is a small community, this doesn’t mean that it has a small chance of survival.

I hope that we can visit the Buklod Tao again.






One thought on “Starting to Love Monday

  1. Because of the CWTS internship program, I’ve come to look forward to Mondays as well. I live in Rizal (Antipolo) and have relatives that live around the area as well. Risk of landslides and flooding are common, but it’s reassuring to know there are people within the vicinity to help those in need.

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