Risk Aversion

I belong to a CWTS group under the La Liga Policy Institute, and our group in particular is tasked with documenting works of the Alliance of Seven, which is an alliance of 7 municipalities that share their efforts in proper disaster and risk management. Our group has been able to interview 1 municipality so far, which is Marikina, and it was definitely interesting to hear what they had to say since the Marikina river itself has been such a trouble spot in the past. In fact Marikina was one of those that initiated the alliance in the first place. 

It’s been great to see that people have finally been addressing environmental and climate issues, such as the floods that bring our country great loss every year. For a while I was worried that everyone just accepted this as a consequence of being a tropical country, but here in the A7 there are people who look in the long term, and see that there are so many ways to improve the situation. Through efforts such as tree planting and cleaning out sewage systems, slowly and steadily cities can be better equipped for natural disasters and the bad effects can hopefully be minimized. It may seem like something so trivial, but I know it will make a difference when the time comes. I appreciate that these people don’t just hold a project here and there for the sake of saying they have projects, but they actually maintain their efforts every week and understand the importance of sustainability. From the interview we conducted, I learned a lot about planning for the future, and I do look forward to seeing the fruits from their labor in the next 5 years or so.



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