Questions To The Filipinos

In the midst of the recent events, Filipinos should not forget what more pressing issues lay behind the story of a beaten-up celebrity. In fact, being physically assaulted is an everyday matter to some people, mostly in the gay community, yet citizens regard Vhong Navarro’s case more crucial. Is this because he is famous? Does this mean that Vice Ganda should also get beaten up just to shed some light on the misfortunes of the LGBTs? Or is the issue just a commercial business, lives of the people involved are entertaining stunts that would surely bring in money to the big bosses?

However, a notion also suggests that the issue may again be just a cover-up, blocking the updates centering the issues of the PDAF scam and Yolanda recovery. Does anyone know what is happening to Janet-Lim Napoles? What is the progress with this case? The matter includes the nation’s budget that surely affects Filipinos, although, civilians are more interested in finding out the relationship between Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo.

Who is to blame for the behavior? Is it the media because they are altering what is considered to be important news? Or is it the society, the culture, Filipinos are raised upon, the culture of weighing the importance of a subject based on whether it is interesting or not? If that is so, how will this reflect on the Filipinos with the country’s future?


One thought on “Questions To The Filipinos

  1. Good points. I hope, even though it is too ideal, that there come a time when all the Filipinos will be critical and open minded.

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