Last January 20, our group, along with NAPC, the NGO we’re teaming up with, had the chance to visit a ‘model’ community: Buklod Tao Inc. Having been assigned to help in disaster risk reduction management, our proctor decided to choose the said community since they have successfully managed to protect their barangay from unwanted consequences brought about by typhoons and whatnot.

Established in 1994 as a faith-based institution, Buklod Tao grew from being in the lithurgical level to developmental, and eventually liberational. They’ve had disaster risk reduction teams since 1997, equipped with fiberglass boats that they made on their own. Now, they have a medium-rise building that is also called as the Banaba Evacuation Center where different programs such as Disaster Management Program, Education and Training Program, Urban Container Gardening Program, and many more that the members engage in and continuously develop.

Our site visit was nothing short of inspiring – we got to listen to the members, officers, and even the founder of Buklod Tao share the organization’s ups and downs. I have seen so much dedication from each of them in building a simple institution that will help the informal settlers of Barangay Banaba. And with so little that they had in the start, they were able to make something so valuable and beneficial to their community.

I highly encourage all of us to visit Buklod Tao in Barangay Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal. I was lucky to have met such humble and encouraging people, and listing down everything I learned from that experience would be a hard task. Buklod Tao Inc., without a doubt, will show you that with pure hearts and a concurring goal, it is not impossible to achieve an ambition, no matter how seemingly impossible it may be.



One thought on “Limitless

  1. I think the people who we must applaud are those who really start the initiative to help others and are really commit ot the work and make the fruits of their labor last for the next generation. I think that we can measure the success of our efforts on the sustainability of the help that was provided because this means that more than helping them in the short-term, you were able to be influential enough to instill motivation in people to be the ones to initiate work.

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