Just Keep Swimming

Eating delicious food is a huge part of my life. I have to eat at least five times a day. Let’s do the math. Each day has about 18 waking hours. Each of my meals takes about half an hour to consume, and 15 minutes to prepare. That means that I spend about almost four hours, or 20% of my waking life on food-related conquests.

Now having special (some would say strange) eating habits, about half of my meals include fish in one form or another. That would then mean that I spend about TEN PERCENT of my waking life stuffing my face with fish. That’s crazy. Now all of a sudden, the activites of my partner NGO seem much more relevant. They are ‘Tambuyog,’ an organization dedicated to sustaining local fishing industries, habitats, and aquaculture here in the Philippines. This field of industry has its fair share of critical issues that are more relevant and urgent than we realize. Exploitation, declining stock, overfishing, and illegal methods all are all vying for attention right now and threatening to damage one of our country’s most important sources of food.

So much of what we stuff our faces with comes from our oceans and rivers. Therefore, being able to help a NGO like Tambuyog is both an interesting and welcome opportunity.

-Luis B. Partosa


One thought on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. I guess it would be an interesting experience to know where we get our food so we could appreciate something we usually take for granted

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