In our own small way

When I selected the category of community organizing, I had thought that most of our tasks would involve coordinating with lots of people and being the organizers of events such as relief pack goods for the typhoon Yolanda victims.

At first we ended up doing paralegal services for an attorney, sorting files while he informed us about the duties of an attorney. At this point, I wondered where community organizing came into play.

Recently though, we were assigned to do research work for a congressman. Admittedly, it was sort of a heavy workload since we had to read through pages and pages of research material and summarize them, but through our research we found out about different projects of the government. We were also asked to observe legislative activities such as the filing of bills. Through this observation, we got a glimpse of how how things work in the congress.

I still don’t directly feel the aspect of community organizing at this point, but I do understand that in helping out in the research work for projects offered by the government to different organizations, we do our part in contributing to the betterment of different communities though small our contribution may be

– Luigi Montalbo


One thought on “In our own small way

  1. I hope that in the next days, your group would get assigned to go to different places and help the community so that the words “Community Organizing” will be explicitly felt…

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