Digging Deeper

We are assigned at Bantay Kita, an organization committed to upholding transparency and accountability in the business and politics of extraction here in the Philippines. I looked into their website and found one term that I had to know more about: EITI.

EITI or Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative is the benchmark of transparency a country should have when it comes to the manipulation of their oil, gas, and mineral resources. This standard provides the requirements for countries on how they should report their activities in the said sectors and how to make sure that this information reaches the public.

Bantay Kita is also an advocate of the EITI Standard as its mission is extremely relevant here in the Philippines. It contributes to the reduction of risks such as corruption while also promoting social responsibility by holding companies and governments accountable for their activities and transactions.

With the recent years’ problems and complications due to the ‘unconstitutionality’ of the law (or lawmakers, for that matter), Bantay Kita tries to ensure that the EITI is not overlooked and its standards are propagated.


– John Jay Cervantes, 2012-46952


One thought on “Digging Deeper

  1. Being concerned about the accountability of the business transactions happening in our country, in its own simple way, is an essential step for us to reach full transparency. 🙂

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